A story to tell

by Pamela Welborn in A new career!

Everyone has a story to tell about how they came to become an artist and I do too.  My story begins when a few years ago I started thinking about my dear, departed Mom and what a wonderful artist she was.  I started to think, maybe I had inherited some of her talent.  I had never tried to paint, even though I grew up seeing my Mom painting at home.  It never occurred to me to consider this.  So, my New Year’s resolution was to explore this possibility. 


I signed up for classes with Michael Ziemba at University of Texas at Austin, Tx Informal art class.  He assured me that total beginners were welcome-no experience required!  He was right!  I learned about underpainting, the color palette, and glazing.  I had so much fun and realized why my Mom loved painting so much-I did too!


Later, I signed up for classes at Laguna Gloria Arts in Austin, Tx  (www.amog.org).  Two wonderful artists, Phillip Wade and Eve Larson, were my instructors there.  Phillip Wade taught me about proper mixing of color and perspective in painting.  Eve Larson taught me about drawing principles and proportions.  They are wonderful teachers and fabulous artists who inspire their students and encourage the development of their students’ talents (www.phillipwade.net  www.evelarson.com).


But it became apparent to me that I needed more formal instruction in this artistic field since there were huge gaps in my knowledge.  Once again, I was very fortunate to find Elizabeth Locke (www.austinartclasses.com), only fifteen minutes from my home.  She is an extremely talented artist in her own right but more importantly, she is a superb and patient teacher.  Under her guidance, I have learned the basics of an art education, from understanding line, form, and tone and later color in expressing my artistic vision. 


As you can see, this artistic path was made possible with wonderful , excellent teachers who love art and love to help others.  I am so grateful for their input in my education. 



This image is the very first painting I did in Michael Ziemba’s class.  It is acrylic on canvas board.



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